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1st Place Redfish - 4.90
Ross Miller
2nd Place Redfish - 4.48
Adam Dukes
Brian Collie, James Cameron, Ross Miller, and Adam Dukes
3rd Place Redfish - 4.10
Johnny Harrelson
Sportsman Boat Winner
Justin Graves and Kelly Starnes


Caluctta - Flounder - 1.91
James Burton

Caluctta - Sheepshead - 8.01
Chris Slack
Caluctta - Trout - 3.36
Chris Morlyn
More Palmetto Society Anglers
Keegan Beckwith
  Scott Blanton
Alex Wall Lee Colyer and friends
Mikey Clark
Tom "Spanky" Hyatt
Brenden Farley Daniel Issac
Terry Williamson and David Lafour Luke

The Captain's Meeting was held at the Charleston Crab House
Dinner is served !
Nice tournament T-shirts
Lovely evening setting on the deck
Everyone listened intently to the rules given at the Captain's Meeting.
Bubba entertained us at the Weigh in
There were plenty of raffle prizes
Thank you Sportsman Boats for your sponsorship
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