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Congratulations !!!

1st Place - Fred Nesbitt - 7.08   2nd Place - Mitch Stanley - 5.40

3rd Place - Daniel Culpepper - 5.40
Ryan Godbout (left) and Will Adams (right)
4th Place - Sean Wright - 5.08

5th Place - Ben Powers - 5.04 6th Place - Mark Bollenberg - 4.86

7th Place - George Morris - 4.54
8th Place - Ryan Welker - 4.50
Jeffery Pierce Sr. (left) and Jeffery Pierce Jr. (middle)
9th Place - Sam Wise - 4.44
10th Place - Greg Minus - 4.38

Robbie Zetrouer - 2.02
  More Sheepshead Angler's Pictures
in the order they weighed in
  Nick Kvestad   Katherine Kuszmaul and Natilie Granthan    
Scott Beane Chris Slack
Shawn Nelson
James Owens
Eppy Hernandez Adrian Johnson
Larry Toto Pat McCabe and Randy Burch
Emi Davidson and Chris Capers Matt Ayer
Brannon Parnell John McCurry
There was a good group at the Captain's Meeting - all enjoyed dinner.
Plenty of raffles prizes !
Hey....double check that fella's raffle ticket number !!!
Not bad - 1st Place for your 1st Sheepshead !
Congrats Fred !
DNR conducted the weigh in and took samples from the fish for research.
Great turn out at the weigh in ! Wish the weather had been a bit calmer.
  Thank you Charleston Inshore Anglers for 25 years
of the Sheepshead tournament !

Kevin and Nick
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