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  1st Place - Sheepshead - 6.26
Chip Till

2nd Place - Sheepshead - 6.14
Scott Blanton

3rd Place - Sheepshead - 6.14
Chris Slack
1st Place - Trout - 3.08
2nd Place - Trout - 2.98
Crisp McDonald

3rd Place - Trout - 2.80
Chip Till

Chip Till   Scott Blanton  
Chris Slack Crisp McDonald
More of our Anglers
Eric Silberman - Jason Phillips
Ken King
  Scott Beane
Jordan Brock Courtney and Levi Kaczka
Those crazy deOgburn brothers Brian Newby
  Tim Beckman  
  Paul Whiteside - Chip Till - Crisp McDonald  
Thank You Anglers !!!!
The Charleston Yacht Club nicely decorated for the Holidays - Dinner is served !
Two of my favorite Anglers - Tony Kozloski and Ted Nettles
Along with a wonderful dinner - there were many raffle items.
.....and a couple of nice Silent Auction items
a Red Head cooler and Jim Booth's Environmental Additon of his Evening Flight print

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  2016 SMA Foundation Results Page
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