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  1st Place - Sheepshead - 8.00
3rd Place - Trout - 1.92
Tim Karl

2nd Place - Sheepshead - 6.10
Doug Hoover

3rd Place - Sheepshead - 5.82
Shane Flannigan
1st Place - Trout - 3.64
2nd Place - Trout - 2.82
Scott Beane

Tim Karl  
Doug Hoover Shane Flannigan
  Scott Beane  
More Anglers
Ernie Byers   Jordan Brock
Zed White Lonnie East III
Bud Craben Lee Fleming and Jessica Fougerousse
Some of the Salt Marsh Apparel Foundation Members
Keith Beam - Skip Milligan - Laird Staley - Tony Kozloski - Jim McNay

The fishing tournament was held at the Charleston Yacht Club
and tournament proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald House
( nice shoes Skip ! )

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