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Congratulations !!!

1st Place - Lonnie East IV - 11.48   2nd Place - Tom Benton - 11.24

3rd Place - Roy Owens - 9.34 4th Place - Mark Bollenberg - 8.20

5th Place - Paul Pundt - 8.16 6th Place - Gary Wilson - 7.70

7th Place - James Vealey - 7.28 8th Place - Bruce Williams - 7.26
Bruce - left - Sarah O'Bannor and Troy Brown
9th Place - Jeff Brown - 6.48
Jeff - right - Matt Bollenberg - left
10th Place - Jordan Chastain - 6.44
Jordan - middle - Sharon and Brad Chastain

Gene Broderick (right) - 1.52
DNR Drawing Winner
DNR Weigh Master - Henry with the drawing winner - Bruce Humbert
More Sheepshead Angler's Pictures
in the order they weighed in
  Bruce Humbert   Robbie Forbes
Hayden Cooper Justin Chaplin
Jeff Preseau Scooter Brown
Carol and Jeremy Brown Timothy Deavers
Robert Olsen Sean Nelson  
Capt. Amy Little (middle)
Michele Reves (left)
Sara Anderson
Deandre Alston and Michael Nelson
Robert Wiggers and Scott Mister Scott Blanton  
Daniel Rumph Denny Sills
Sean Wright John Koonce and James McMillan
 Michael Weekley
Beautiful night and facility for the Captain's meeting
Lots of raffle prizes
Good food...........   ........Good friends
So many anglers - too many fish - Team DNR had a busy afternoon collecting their data !
Thanks to all the sponsors !
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