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2011 Congratulations !!!

  Sailfish Certificates
presented by the DNR
2 Goobers
1st Place Wahoo






2nd Place Wahoo

Wired Up

3rd and 4th Place Wahoo
3rd Place Dolphin
1st Place Dolphin
Sadie Beth
2nd Place Dolphin
Lacey 3
4th Place Dolphin

Sailfish Pictures
2 Goobers











2 Goobers

2 Goobers
Electric Bill

Fin Allie
Sadie Beth
Sadie Beth Sadie Beth
Sadie Beth Sadie Beth
Sadie Beth Splitbill
Splitbill Splitbill
Splitbill Syked Out
Syked Out Syked Out

Sadie Beth  
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