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Congratulations !!!

1st Place - King Mackerel - 29.2
Charlie Libby
  2nd Place - King Mackerel - 21.2
Bobby Baxter (center)
Gnatt Propst (left) and Bryan Baxter (right)


1st Place Red Drum - 1.90
Lady Angler
Becky Accolla (left)
1st Place Red Drum - 1.50
Amy Little (right)
Chris Accolla (center)
1st Place - Spanish Mackerel - 3.75
Charles Branks (left)
Jack Welch, Jr (center) and
Joe Lannan (right)


2nd Place - Spanish Mackerel - 3.50
Rick Hiott (left)

Youth Angler
Coleman Jenkins

King Mackerel - 14.20
Carl Jenkins, Jr. (left) and
Carl Jenkins III (center)


Congrats to all our winners!
Cummins crew  
Joe Mitchler, Tammy Josey,
Rick Turcotte, and Joe Trucotte
left to right

Thanks to Todd Knight and family for putting on such a
great tournament and giving the anglers a way to express their thanks to our Vets
  Kings for Vets
Captain's Meeting
There were some great
raffle prizes and
silent auction items.
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