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2009 Congratulations !!!

    Fighting Lady
Fighting Lady weighs in at Bohicket, so I didn't have their fish picture....
but if you will send me your picture, I'd be happy to post it

Outstanding Boat
1st Place - Aggregate

Outstanding Male Angler - John Bullock
1st Place - Wahoo

Outstanding Female Angler
Bryson Hills
2nd Place - King Mackerel
4th Place - Aggregate
Swamp Angel
Outstanding Youth Angler
Shay Dotterer
1st Place - King Mackerel
Crushed Um
1st Place - Dolphin
3rd Place - Aggregate
Miss Pasco
2nd Place - Dolphin
2nd Place - Aggregate

Dark Star

3rd and 4th Place - Dolphin
2nd Place - Wahoo
3rd Place - King Mackerel
4th Place - King Mackerel
Some of the other anglers
Dragon Lady   Hightower Boat Works
Top Priority Hang On
Battleship Hattaboy
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