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Congratulations !!!

1st Place - Gary Willson - 10.68   2nd Place - Lloyd Green - 8.80  

3rd Place - Steve Joy - 8.22 4th Place - Josh Sturh - 8.06  

5th Place - Mike Wagoner - 7.98 6th Place - Johnny Weiner - 7.94  

7th Place - Scott Rooke - 7.86 8th Place - Robert Taylor - 7.84  
9th Place - Scott Kornahrnes - 7.68 10th Place - Allen Ford - 7.62  

1st Place - Youth Angler
Rhett Moody - 5.22
2nd Place - Youth Angler
Kaleb Hollifield - 3.70
  DNR - Raffle Winner
John Friend
  More Sheepshead Anglers  
Shawn Conner   Ted Nettles   Camron Luden
Tim Winters Todd Knight Tradd Trotter  
Roy Owens Tink Wallace and John Friend
Scott Beane
Kevin Mische Doyle Whittington William Sewell

Some of the Charleston Inshore Anglers'
thinkin' hard about where to
hook up with the big one.

    "Come on Ed, tell me where
your secert fishin' spot is"
The Crosby's   Captain's Meeting at the Pour House
The DNR Crew   DNR Research
Collecting the earbone to age the fish
learn more about their research
    2009 Sponsors
Everyone enjoyed the weigh-in
Thank you
Charleston Inshore Anglers
for the 17th Annual Sheepshead Tournament!
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