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  2008 Winner's Pictures
Scott Beane
1st Place - Trout
1st Place - Bluefish
  Jamie Cook
2nd Place - Trout
Daniel Lempesis
3rd Place - Trout
Jackson Wood (right)
1st Place - Flounder
Logan Wood
2nd Place - Bluefish (middle)
Ashlin Ambrose ( left)

Skip Milligan

2nd Place - Flounder
Brandon Riley
3rd Place - Flounder
3rd Place - Bluefish

Lonnie East IV

1st and 2nd Place - Sheepshead
Lonnie East III (right)

Steve Chapman

3rd Place - Sheepshead
Steve Joy
1st Place - Shark

Nick Corbett
2nd Place - Shark

John Wierman

3rd Place - Shark

Sarah Newton
1st Place - Whiting
Jeff McDonald
1st Place - Dogfish
Austin Shaw
2nd Place - Dogfish
well - this is Austin with his shark
Bryan Shaw

3rd Place - Dogfish
  Outstanding Youth Angler
Jackson Wood
Outstanding Female Angler
Sarah Newton
Outstanding Angler
Lonnie East IV
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