Lowcountry "Fish Scales"

Congratulations !!!!

1st and 3rd Place - King Mackerel
Lee Moyer (left)
  2nd Place - King Mackerel
Jacob Rails
(pictured is DJ Burch)
1st and 3rd Place - Spanish Mackerel
Lew Robertson (left)
2nd Place - Spanish Mackerel
Clayton Mood (left)
1st Place - Spadefish
Gary Willson (right)
2nd and 3rd Place - Spadefish
Denny Sills (left)
1st Place - Bluefish
Steve Joy
3rd Place - Bluefish
Bobby Watkins
1st Place - Black Drum
Pat Leonard

2nd and 3rd Place - Black Drum
Lonnie East III
1st Place - Sheepshead
Larry Cooper
2nd Place - Sheepshead
Johnny Dalhke
3rd Place - Sheepshead
Phillip Crosby
1st Place - Trout
Ryan Meade
  2nd Place - Trout
Sean Layton

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place - Flounder
Bobby Streisel (left)
1st Place - Black Sea Bass
Andy Lyons (left)
2nd Place - Black Sea Bass
Noah Leschorn
3rd Place - Black Sea Bass
Hunter Miles
Heaviest Whiting
and the DNR Drawing Winner
Dylan James
Outstanding Male Angler
Bobby Streisel
  Outstanding Female Angler
Kelly Burris
Outstanding Youth Male Angler
Ryan Meade
Outstanding Youth Female Angler
Brittani Myers
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