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Congratulations !!!

1st Place - Roy Owens - 10.64   2nd Place - Matt Bollenberg - 10.14

3rd Place - Roger Burris - 7.82 4th Place - Jim Koches - 7.50

5th Place - Rome Lamont (right) - 7.36
Mitch McCullers (left)
6th Place - John Ellen - 7.34

7th Place - Tom Benton (left) - 7.30
Jim Hutson (right)
8th Place - Cacey Ashley - 7.26
9th Place - Brandon Horner - 7.12 10th Place - Danny Mikell - 7.04
Dogfish - Lloyd Green - 1.60
and the DNR drawing winner
1st Place - Youth Angler
Cameron Hide - 2.12
3rd Place - Youth Angler
Chad Smith, Jr. - 1.62
4th Place - Youth Angler
Kaleb Hollifield - 1.12
Ed Crosby with Levi and Dana Glass

The Charleston Inshore Anglers
will be donating a portion of the
proceeds from their
15th Annual
Sheepshead Tournament
to help Levi's family
with their medical expenses.

Levi was born November 1, 2005
and was diagnosed with
systic fibrosis shortly after birth.

He currently has to have checkups
every two to four weeks to
monitor his condition.

While the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation keeps searching for a cure to cystic firosis, one has not been found to date.

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  Harris Davis
yeah...no one likes holding a dogfish!
  Lloyd Green   Gary Mitchell    
Kevin Bryson Tim Colley
Curtis Newkirk  
Vic Colley Jason Colley Leon Haynes  
Mike Copeland Henry Hernadez Todd King  
David Hutchinson Bruce Humbert Brett Johnson  
  Chris Spivey
and David Seel
  Jay Ridlespurge
and Billy Sewell
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