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  2006 Winner's Pictures
Dylan James
1st Place - Trout
  Lonnie East IV
2nd Place - Trout
Robbie Watkins
3rd Place - Trout
Brandon Riley
1st Place - Flounder

Cody Dawson

2nd Place - Flounder
Russell Bennett
3rd Place - Flounder

Alan Haden

1st Place - Sheepshead

Bruce Humbert

2nd and 3rd Place - Sheepshead
Grayson Lee
1st Place - King Mackerel

Scott McInerny
2nd Place - King Mackerel

Jeff Vandewiel

3rd Place - King Mackerel
Jenny Barrineau
1st Place - Spanish Mackerel
I guess Jenny was camera shy,
but here is her husband with her fish.
Wendy Wolfe
2nd Place - Spanish Mackerel
Alan Postell
3rd Place - Spanish Mackerel
Robert Leap
1st Place - Blackfish
2nd Place Bluefish

Jim McNay

2nd Place - Blackfish
Left - Jim's fish posing with Doug Hoover
Right - Jim receiving his award
Barry Price
3rd Place - Blackfish
  William Morgan
1st Place - Shark
Allison Decker
2nd Place - Shark
Irene Erich
3rd Place - Shark
Steve Joy
1st Place - Bluefish

Ritchie Kellahan
3rd Place - Bluefish
Paige Koches
1st Place - Black Drum
Art Martin
2nd Place - Black Drum
Steve Joy
3rd Place - Black Drum
Dan Leschorn
1st Place - Dogfish
I swear these look like Blackfish!
  Kenny Taylor
2nd Place - Dogfish

  Outstanding Youth Angler
Grayson Lee
Outstanding Female Angler
Paige Koches
Outstanding Angler
Steve Joy
Captain's Meeting Raffle     Winner of the
Charlotte Motor Speedway drawing,
Dee Oliver and the
Club's President, Jerry Smeltzer
  Al Oswald and crew...
just waiting to give away all these prizes
  DNR Drawing Winner
Brandon Riley and our weighmaster,
from the DNR, Dr. Charlie Wenner

DNR Crew
So, what ARE those crazy DNR people doing to our fish?
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