Lowcountry "Fish Scales"

Congratulations !!!!

1st Place - King Mackerel
Matt Winter

  2nd Place - King Mackerel
Mr. McElhenny

3rd Place - King Mackerel
Matt Barfield
1st Place - Spanish Mackerel
John Murdaugh
2nd Place - Spanish Mackerel
Giggy Rumph
3rd Place - Spanish Mackerel
Flynn O'Neale
1st and 3rd Place - Spadefish
Michael Williams
2nd Place - Spadefish
Richard Middleton

1st and 3rd Place - Bluefish
Robert Leap
2nd Place - Bluefish
Bryan Gawrych
1st Place - Black Drum
Kim Norby
2nd Place - Black Drum
Tripp Hanna
3rd Place - Black Drum
Jim McNay
  1st and 3nd Place - Sheepshead
Roger Burris

3rd Place - Sheepshead
Paul Godbout
1st Place - Trout
Dylan James
2nd Place - Trout
John Townsend
3rd Place - Trout
Tucker Stahle
1st Place - Flounder
Steven Carter
2nd Place - Flounder
George Salter
3rd Place - Flounder
Zed White
1st \ 3rd Place - Black Sea Bass
Timmy Thorne \ Jim Thorne
2nd Place - Black Sea Bass
G. Huebner
Heaviest Whiting
Melissa Magwood
Outstanding Male Angler
Roger Burris
Outstanding Female Angler
Kim Norby
Outstanding Youth Male Angler
Dylan James
Outstanding Youth Female Angler
Morgan Gianelli
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