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  2005 Sailfish XXIII
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2005 Sailfish XXIII
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2005 Sailfish XXIII
Congratulations !!!

    Sailfish Anglers  
Sunken Money II
1st Place Tuna

2nd and 3rd Place Tuna

Summer Girl
4th Place Tuna

Fat Boy

1st Place Wahoo
Seasonal Affair
2nd Place Wahoo
4th Place Dolphin
Short People
3rd Place Wahoo
Hot Shot
1st Place Dolphin
4th Place Wahoo
Kriv O'Cain
2nd and 3rd Place Dolphin
Bumpy Gin
1st Place King Mackerel
Skervy Dog II
2nd Place King Mackerel
  In 2 Deep
3rd and 4th Place King Mackerel
2005 Sailfish XXIII
Youth Anglers

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