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2004 Members Only
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Congratulations !!!

Blue Marlin
Outstanding Boat
Tag Team
Captain Howard Moseley accepting
for Greg Riddle
Outstanding Male Angler
  Tuna - 1st Place
Kenneth Nelson - Seasonal Affair

Tuna - 2nd Place
Smoak - Fish Wrapper
Wahoo - 1st Place
Dennis Simms - Prowler
  Wahoo - 3rd Place
Smoak - Fishwrapper
Wahoo - 2nd Place
Eric Frisch - Redeye

Wahoo - 4th Place
Billy Walker - Farmers Tan
  Dolphin - 1st Place
Brain Barfield - Lipsnatcher
Dolphin - 2nd Place
Brent Marritt - Simple Interest
Dolphin - 3rd Place
David Johnson - Katatak
King Mackerel - 1st Place
Todd Scofield - Farmers Tan
King Mackerel - 2nd Place
Robert Olsen - Knot@Work
King Mackerel - 3rd Place
and Lady Angler
Mary Sills - Misty Morning III
King Mackerel - 4th Place
Mike McClain - Job Site
  Youth Angler
Lauren Leasure - Summer Girl
Some of our other youth anglers
Michael Collins - LP Martini     Nick Leatherwood - Blue Endeavor  
Addie Smoak - Fish Wrapper Sara Gallahorn - Plumb Krazy

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