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2004 Tournament Pictures

Congratulations to all !!!
    King Mackerel - 1st Place
  King Mackerel - 2nd Place
Lady Angler - Susan Kaminski (right)
Loose Lucy
King Mackerel - 3rd Place
In 2 Deep
King Mackerel - 4th Place
Wahoo - 2nd Place
Solid Surface
King Mackerel - 5th Place
Erin's Addiction II
Wahoo - 1st Place
Dolphin - 3rd Place
Tuna - 1st Place
Wahoo - 3rd Place
High Roller
Dolphin - 1st Place
Reel Silly
Dolphin - 2nd Place
High Expectations
Billy Brightwell Award
Bobby Townsend

Honorable Mention
Emily Cooper - Open Contendor   Capt. Jack
  Austin Harley - Spirits  
Donald Burch and Billy Donaldson
Mama Saz
  Libby Meier
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