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2004 Winner's Pictures

1st Place - King Mackerel
Whit Parnell
  2nd Place - King Mackerel
John Cooke
3rd Place - King Mackerel
Duncan Hunt
  1st Place - Spanish Mackerel
3rd Place - Blackfish
Ronnie Broach
2nd Place - Spanish Mackerel
Toni Vines
Place - Spanish Mackerel
Eren Bracewell
1st Place - Trout
Donnie Colangelo
2nd Place - Trout
Laird Staley

1st Place - Flounder
Lonnie East IV
2nd and 3rd Place - Flounder
2nd Place - Ladyfish
Rick Donovan

1st Place and 3rd Place - Sheepshead
Jim Whaley
  2nd Place - Sheepshead
Colin Pockhaber

1st Place - Black Drum
3rd Place - Trout
Mike Cummings
  2nd Place - Black Drum
Art Martin

3rd Place - Black Drum
Robert Leap
  1st Place - Bluefish
Robert Leap

3rd Place - Bluefish
Steve Joy
1st and 2nd - Blackfish
Darryl Smith

1st Place - Ladyfish
2nd Place - Bluefish
Travie Limbackel
3rd Place - Ladyfish
Randy Robbins

1st Place - Dogfish
Robert Leap
Outstanding Youth Angler
Jeff Deogburn

Outstanding Lady Angler  
Toni Vines
Outstanding Male Angler and
Outstanding Angler
Robert Leap
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