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2003 Tournament Pictures


1st Place Bass
Todd Kuchenbecker (left)
2nd Place Black Drum
Daniel Culpepper (right)
2nd Place Bass
Kevin Hajes

1st Place Trout
Randy Robbins
Lady Angler
Barbara Robbins
2nd Place Trout
Mike Waller


1st Place Flounder

Fred King
2nd Place Flounder
Roger Burris

1st Place Sheepshead

Male Angler
Jim Koches
2nd Place Sheepshead
Lonnie East IV (right)

1st Place Black Drum

Teddy Palassis
Tommy Rhodes
"Official Leader Board Keeper"
Honorable Mention
Melissa Goudelock
  Jerry Pierce
John Hall Lonnie Pye  
Bruce Humbert Jeremey Espiritu and Mark Montemayor
Francis Butler
Chad Withrow
Renee Palassis Dave Hopper    
Vic Svendsen Debbie Hume and Debbie Disher    
2003 Shag Club Results Page

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