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2003 Winner's Pictures


1st - King Mackerel
Austin Harley (right)
  2nd - King Mackerel
1st & 2nd Spanish Mackerel
Kelly Whiddon  (left)
1st - Black Drum
Paige Koches
  2nd - Black Drum
Chris Rourke

3rd - Black Drum
Art Martin (center)
  1st - Trout
Cory Carter

2nd - Bluefish
John Conlin (Mackenzie for dad)
  2nd & 3rd - Blackfish
Taylor Arnold (right)

1st - Flounder
Roger Burris
  1st - Sheepshead
Vincent Phillips

3rd - Sheepshead
Kevin Shealy
  2nd - Shark
Patrick Smith
Outstanding Youth Angler
Austin Harley

Outstanding Lady Angler
Paige Koches


Outstanding Angler
Kelly Whiddon

The Saltwater Sports Club Crew

The DNR Crew
Saltwater Sports Club 2003 Results Page
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