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2003 Winner's Pictures

1st Place - Couch Boat
  2nd Place - Reelin  
3rd Place - Suits Me   4th Place - Dirty Work
5th Place - Jersey Devil   6th Place - Chum 'N Around
7th Place - Whip Lash   8th Place - Adams Eve
9th Place - Skervy Dog II   10th Place - Carolina Cocky
11th Place - Bushwacker   12th Place - Work Release
13th Place - Gill Collector   14th Place - Mullet Head
15th Place - Change Order   16th Place - Show Boat
17th Place - Bitta Sweet 18th Place - Last Tango
19th Place - Team Winners World
20th Place - Timber Wolf
Ok - there's always that one picture
I did't get!

If you have a picture you can send to me,
(see email address below)
I would be happy to post it.

(even a  picture of your boat will do if
you don't have a fish picture)
21st Place - Clean Livin
22nd Place - Bowed Up
23rd Place - Legasea
24th Place - Pon Top
25th Place - Lady In Red
26th Place - Rowes A Lure
27th Place - Gotta Luv It 28 Place - Shock Value
29th Place - Doubled Up 30th Place - Shady II

2003 Day 1 Results Page
2003 Final Results Page
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