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  2003 Tournament Pictures
King Mackerel - 1st Place
Charlie Stephens
Paul Childs
King Mackerel - 2nd Place
Tim Pickett
King Mackerel - 3rd Place
Jon Vroon
Spanish Mackerel - 1st Place
Donna McClain
Spanish Mackerel - 2nd Place
Joe Crosby
Spanish Mackerel - 3rd Place
Frank Koches
Trout - 1st Place
Roger Burris
Trout - 2nd Place
Keith Card
Trout - 3rd Place
Renee Palassis
Flounder - 1st and 2nd Place
John Ward
Flounder - 3rd Place
Brad Bolchoz
Sheepshead - 1st Place
Roger Burris
Sheepshead - 2nd Place
Bruce Humbert
Sheepshead - 3rd Place
Jamie Goodson
Black Drum - 1st Place
Pat Leonard
Art Martin
Black Drum - 2nd Place
Ricky Seiber
Black Drum - 3rd Place
Blackfish - 3rd Place
Robert Leap

Spadefish - 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place
Ken Suggs
Bluefish - 1st Place
Ed Stone
Bluefish - 2nd Place
Tina White
Bluefish - 3rd Place
Janet East
(opps, I think this is your trout)
Blackfish - 1st Place
Nicholas Rowell
Blackfish - 2nd Place
Charlie Stephens
Ladyfish - 1st Place
Chip Burtner
Ladyfish - 2nd Place
Josh Turner, Sr.
Ladyfish - 3rd Place
Paul Cordina
Dogfish - 1st Place
Kenny Owens
Outstanding Female Angler
Donna McClain
  Outstanding Youth Angler
Nicholas Rowell
Outstanding Male Angler and Overall Outstanding Angler
Roger Burris
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